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          China to pursue RMB internationalization2013-01-27
          China is determined to pursue the internationalization of the renminbi on a market-oriented basis, and will closely watch the spillover effects of Japan's ultra-loose monetary policy, Yi Gang, a vice governor of China's central bank said.
          RMB exchange rate "relatively close" to equilibrium level: senior official2013-01-27
          The exchange rate of the Chinese currency, the renminbi (RMB) or yuan, is "relatively close" to equilibrium level and the supply and demand in the market is generally in balance, Yi Gang, a vice governor of China's central bank said.
          China to stay vigilant about looming "currency war"2013-01-29
          The printing presses of the developed economies are rumbling at full throttle as U.S., Japan and Europe have all announced monetary easing measures seen as necessary to spur stagnant economic growth.
          RMB exchange rate "relatively close" to equilibrium level2013-01-28
          The exchange rate of the Chinese currency, the renminbi(RMB)or yuan, is"relatively close"to equilibrium level and the supply and demand in the market is generally in balance, Yi Gang.
          BOC's Taipei branch to conduct yuan business2013-01-25
          China's central bank and the Bank of China's(BOC)Taipei branch signed a clearing agreement on Friday, paving the way for banks from the mainland and Taiwan to conduct cross-Strait yuan settlement through direct clearing.
          China sees rising capital inflows2013-01-25
          China saw rising capital inflows as banks bought more foreign currency than they sold for clients between September and December last year, the country's regulator said on Friday.
          Yuan nears 19-year high as PBOC raises daily fixing2013-01-24
          The yuan rose to within 0.1 percent of a 19-year high after the central bank raised its daily fixing for the currency for the first time this week.
          Banks see cross-border yuan business surge2013-01-24
          The yuan-denominated cross-border business of two major Chinese banks - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd and Bank of China Ltd - surged in 2012 as global demand for the currency increased.
          Spot yuan declines the most in 5 weeks2013-01-22
          The yuan Monday weakened the most in five weeks on the spot market after the Chinese central bank set the reference rate to a 10-day low.
          Greater yuan use urged in China-Mideast transactions2013-01-23
          Greater yuan currency usage in bilateral transactions will provide further impetus for trade and investment links between China and the Middle East resulting in benefits for both sides, Hong Kong Monetary Authority Chief Executive Norman Chan said.
          Yuan sees more international use in Nov2013-01-22
          An index measuring the yuan's global use rebounded in November on broad-based pickup in activities and hit a new high of 737 from Octo ber's 731, Standard Chartered Bank announced on Monday.
          RMB trade in Gulf Arab countries show huge potential2013-01-22
          The chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Norman Chan said here late Monday growing trade relations between the Gulf Arab oil states and China triggered a surge in transactions in renminbi.
          China yuan retreats against USD Monday2013-01-21
          The Chinese currency Renminbi, or yuan, lost 38 basis points to 6.2790 against the U.S.dollar on Monday, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trading System.
          S.Korea to increase using RMB for trade settlement2013-01-17
          South Korean trade companies are expected to increase using Renminbi yuan for trade settlement as Bank of Korea(BOK)is scheduled to start lending RMB fund earned through the currency swap deal to local banks as early as next week.
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