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          China Railway plans to sell dollar-denominated bonds2013-01-24
          China Railway Group Ltd plans to sell its debut-making US dollar-denominated bonds.
          China issues 30 bln yuan in seven-year T-bonds2013-01-23
          The Ministry of Finance(MOF)announced Wednesday that it will issue 30 billion yuan(4.78 billion U.S.dollars)in seven-year book-entry treasury bonds.
          Insurance groups to be allowed to launch subordinated debt2013-01-23
          China's insurance regulator may allow insurance groups or insurance holding companies to launch subordinated debt, the industry watchdog said in a statement late Tuesday.
          Local govt debt under review to prevent risks2013-01-22
          Says CBRC chief Municipal bonds should be sold to locals:PBOC Call for local govts to issue bonds for projects China to issue$6.6b of local govt bonds Shanghai issues 8.9b in local govt bonds.
          Being bullish on convertible bonds in 20132013-01-21
          The expected rebound of the Chinese securities markets in 2013 is likely to bring investment opportunities for convertible bonds, as economic growth may be at a faster rate compared with 2012, analysts said.
          Boost local gov debt management: minister2013-01-22
          China's Finance Minister called for strengthened efforts to manage local government debt during a tour to Hebei province, according to a statement published by the ministry on Jan.
          China floats 30 bln yuan in T-bonds2013-01-16
          The Ministry of Finance will float 30 billion yuan(4.76 billion U.S.dollars)in one year book-entry treasury bonds on Thursday.
          Monthly rise in US Treasury holdings2013-01-18
          China, the biggest foreign creditor of the United States, increased its holdings of US Treasury bills to$1.17 trillion in November, up$200 million from the previous month, the Treasury Department disclosed on Wednesday.
          Companies raised 650m yuan via bonds in 20122013-01-04
          Chinese companies issued 484 new corporate bond s in 2012, a 148 percent increase year-on-year, the Shanghai Securities News reported on Friday.
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